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Step Back In Time...

Regular Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday:   9:00am – 6:00pm

Call us to Schedule:

 Located in Orem, Utah

Our Rates:

$125 an Hour with a minimum of 2 hours

10% Gratuity

The time starts when we leave our shop, and the time ends when we return.

*Every hour after midnight will be $150 per hour

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About Us:

Antique Limo of Utah is a family owned and operated business.

Bill Platt, the founder of Antique Limo of Utah, was a firefighter for 30 years. He spent his career, caring for those who had been in tragic situations. He felt he had shared moments with many on the worst day of their lives. Bill then retired from the department in 2008.

One day, Bill found a partially restored  1936 Cadillac and a “FOR SALE” sign on it. He decided to build and restore this piece of history. He picked it up and got to work!

After 3 1/2 years of hard work, the beautiful Cadillac had been restored. With Pearl White Paint and a Red Velvet interior, the Cadillac was brought back to life with all of the modern luxuries of today. Some of those things are A/C and Heat, Surround Sound system, and DVD video. Bill was now able to share moments of joy with others on the best day of their lives. The Cadillac brings so many smiling faces!

Bill knew he could not do it forever, so it was time to retire again. To keep the business in the family, Bill’s grandchildren, Marcello and Cailtlyn Platt, are now operating Antique Limo of Utah. They love spending time in the Mountains, going to Car Shows and racing at the Drag Strip.